You can reach us in a variety of ways: take to the airwaves (if you’re a licensed ham), send us email, or send snail mail . . .

Call Signs

The AirLink Amateur Radio Group (AARG!) is operated much as an unruly pirate crew might be. Our officers:

  • Charlie VanHouten (“Royal Salamander East” – KC0CVH)
  • Zeke Yewdall (“Royal Salamander West” – KJ7FP)
  • Dina Elder (“Keeper of the Vision” – KD0YYT)
  • Mark Elder (“AirLink Repeater Trustee” – W0JZ)

We will enjoy talking with you via the AirLink repeater if you catch one of us on the air.

AirLink Frequency

AirLink Repeater Frequency: 146.910, -600, Tone 123Hz


To email us, click AirLink

Mailing Address

AirLink’s mailing address:

AirLink Amateur Radio Group
13287 Gold Hill Road
Boulder, Colorado 80302